Common and Uncommon Features of Colonization in the Massachusetts and Saudi Arabia

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In the massachusetts Bay Colony the church meetings brought the community together. In Saudi Arabia the people come together for daily prayers. In Massachusetts only males could vote. Only males can take part in community desicions in Saudi Arabia. Women, in both the places are supposed to obey the husbands, have children and run the household.  They are not to take part in any social issues. in M.B.C the religion shaped everyday life. In Saudi Arabia everything closes down during prayer time.

The two civilizations are quite similar in their religious impact. But they have some differences too. Not all Puritans shared the same religious views but in Saudi Arabia everybody follows the same religious views.


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The mysterious smell……

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They crinkled their noses wondering what could make the room smell this way. They had been waiting there for the past six hours and now suddenly the room starts smelling like this. Maybe it was just something from outside. So everyone ignored it but then it started growing stronger and stronger and then no one could ignore it anymore. A man stood up and closed the door. But the smell just wouldn’t go.  Then someone else peeked out of the window and they saw a peacefull road looking just as it has to. Then where did it come from? Now everyone was getting restless. They started shifting around in their seats. And then suddenly…….

In comes a woman perfectly dressed in formal clothes and says,“ All right ladies and gentlemen our experiment of the response to different kinds of smells has come to an end. You can eat now.” Just then someone asked,“ What was that smell?” “Oh! That was what the whole experiment is all about. It was the smell of roast chicken. For testing your senses.”


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Hyderabad is a city of grandeur. It is a combination of historical and the present world.

It is widely known for its impregnable Golconda fort which wasn’t won for many years. The fort has an excellent communication system. A small sound like a clap near the main gate can be heard at the highest point which is 5 km away. It contains a 52 ton cannon which can fire up to 11 km away. It had been made centuries ago but still retains the same shine as then. It rests on a single rock which was cut by the experts of that time in such a way that the cannon can be moved easily.

Hyderabad is also famous for its mouth-watering cuisines. The delicacies of Hyderabad are best known in the gulf countries. A person can never forget the biryanis or the shahi tukras.

 The Nawabs or kings of Hyderabad had an unusual taste of collecting old and antique pieces. The Salar Jung museum is a huge museum with a collection of everything collected by the kings.

Hyderabad is situated on the banks of the great Hussain Sagar Lake. On the other side of the lake is the twin city of Hyderabad, Sikanderabad. In the centre of the lake there is a giant statue of Lord Mahavir. It is around 55 feet tall.

Hyderabad also has a national park the Rajiv Gandhi National Park which has a variety of rare animals such as the white tiger and rhinos

Hyderabad boasts of housing  Asia’s largest film production city, Ramoji Film City. It is spread over approximately 850 acres of land. Around 10,000 people can visit in a day. It has 80 streets each having a different kind of street lamps. It has various gardens with Japanese and Chinese designs. It also has a 5 star hotel, a two 3 star hotels. It has a replica of the Taj Mahal and various palaces of India. They have also made underground plaster of Paris caves which are replicas of the  Ajanta and the Ellora caves.

Hyderabad is also famous for its pearls. There is quite a variety of pearls available in Hyderabad. They are known all over the world.

Hyderabad is truly a city worth visiting. It has many specialties and is an admirable mixture of architecture of the historic and the modern world.

A celebrity I would love to meet…….

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A celebrity I would like to meet is Hilary Duff. She is a girl singer and I think she’s the best. The first English songs that I heard were sung by her. I think she sings different type of songs with different emotions. Her songs have more lyrics than just music and they are perfect to be heard whenever you want. Along with being famous she also has a kind heart. She has donated a lot to charity and Red Cross. She always tries to help kids whenever and wherever she can. I would love to meet her if I could!


Recent bomb attacks in New Delhi

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On 27September08 there was a bomb attack on the Mehrauli area of south Delhi. The bomb was thrown by two bikers and exploded when a boy of 10 picked it up. The boy called to them that they had left something behind, but they ignored him. A 50-year old man died. About eight of the wounded are in critical condition. A man and his wife saw the men drop the explosives. The bikers who dropped the explosives were between 20 and 25 years of age and were wearing helmets. There have been no arrests yet but the police suspects it was done by the Indian Mujahideen, who had claimed responsibility earlier for a series of explosions in busy marketplaces in New Delhi.


Letter from a Massachusetts Bay Settler to the most loved ones in England……

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25 June 1637

Dear Father,

           Hope everything is going on well there. I didn’t get a chance to write as there was no way I could send the letter. We are doing quite well here. We are allowed to practice our religion freely. There is a healthy climate here. Many people have come to join us. We are growing food and there are very good conditions for that too. But none gets exported.


          Last year John Harvard founded the Harvard College. All children get educated here. We have formed a General Court here to help run the colony. Each town sends a delegation to the government. There is no specific ruler but instead we have a governor who takes our opinions before taking any decisions. We are very happy about how things are going on here. The community is very close and everyone helps each other.


           Emily and I have had a great experience until now. The journey to here was great too. We had a pleasant experience traveling by ship. I think this is a very good to live in but we miss you and Mother a lot. I think we have made a good decision by coming here. It is a nice place and we are free. I hope to settle here. There is plenty of land here. I think you and Mother should move here too. I will write to you again soon.

Best regards. Take care.


Bertha Jones